Pedro's Story

  It’s really important to know who your photographer is, and a bit about their history. It helps you feel safe with them and know them, so here is a bit about me. 


Hi, I am Pedro, the founder and Owner of Pedz Photography.


  I came to the UK from Portugal age 4. I completed primary, secondary and college education in London and it was in college where I was first introduced to professional photography, cinematography and media. After college I went to University to study media while working as a freelancer for the Three Mills Studios, BBC, Carlton TV, Sky and a few other broadcasters. 


  In July 2005, my job direction and life changed when I saw the terrorist attack that hit London. I looked at the news footage and saw the bus on Tavistock Square, the same bus route I would be using to get around my university campus’. I felt hurt, angry, driven, but most of all sad that this had all happened in my city, my town, my home. I made the decision to serve my country and contribute to society. I stopped my degree and joined the Metropolitan Police, first as a special constable and then as a member of Police Staff dealing with 999 calls and specialist incidents. 


  2017 was another dark year for the country. London had two terrorist attacks, Manchester was also hit with a terrorist attack and a devastating fire happened at Grenfell Tower. I worked during all of these incidents and I saw things too horrific to see in a horror film. On the 9th of July 2017, I sat on my balcony and I started thinking about the horrors that I had witnessed in the last few months and throughout my police life. All of a sudden, something just snapped. I felt sick. I couldn’t move.… I was having a massive panic attack. My heavily pregnant wife called an ambulance and they took me to hospital.  I was diagnosed with sever PTSD. After months of counselling and therapy, my life was beginning to piece itself back together.  I became a father for the first time in October and I knew at that moment, that my time at the police had come to an end. I was with the Met for 10years. 


  My life had changed. I wasn’t the same person anymore. My PTSD breakdown brought everything into perspective. It made me stop and realise what 10 years of trauma and grim sights had done to me. It made me appreciate life and what was truly important. It made me talk about all that I had seen. It made me want to speak up for other men suffering with PTSD and Mental Health problems in the Police, Army and other frontline services. 


  With my time at the Police over, what then? What was I to do now? When my son was born, I bought a new camera. I wanted to take pictures of him and I wanted to capture all the little things he did, forever. It was then that I fell in love with photography and videography again. I decided to start a new company and take photos. I homed in on all the skills I had learnt before joining the police and I started learning new ones.  After months of hard work and determination as well as building up a new portfolio, I was Qualified, not just as a photographer but a Master Photographer. 


  This is what I love to do. It’s my dream. It’s incredible that I get to provide for my family in this way and to also be mentally healthy in the process.  My family and I have been through a lot, but we have come out stronger, more united and more passionate for what we do. My desire is that every customer that comes through our company, is enthralled by the photographs and videography that we produce. Capturing beautiful moments is something I treasure. Hopefully my Mental Health story will also give hope and inspire others. You can always start again and fulfil your dreams with a little bit of faith in yourself, courage, passion and boldness.


Thank you for reading.


Pedro Ramos LMPA LBIPP

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